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The First; Physiological effects of carbon dioxide

In Europe, especiallyl in Germany, where carbon dioxide spring is used for medical treatment, carbon dioxide realated studies are more successful than in Japan. So far various research reports were published and carbon dioxide's effects (obtained from carbon dioxide spring) are confirmed some of the effects are listed below. However, it is not clear whether the effects are from carbon dioxide directly or due to stimulations from carbon dioxide.

It is considered that skin care effects from carbon dioxide absorbed by skin (using carbon dioxide packing agent "eCO2GEL" etc) may come from these actions (including other yet unknown)

[ 1 ] Blood vessel dilating action

Skin blood flow is improved by blood vessel dilation; therefore skin cell metabolism is activated and generally speaking skin becomes healthier. Beautiful skin has to be healthy skin first. That explains one of the reasons skin becomes more beautiful by carbon dioxide absorption.

[ 2 ] Anti-inflammatory action

Since inflammation comes together with acnes and rough/chapped skin, suppressing inflammation improves skin condition. Carbon dioxide may not have direct effects on acne treatment, but inflammation suppression helps skin's self-healing.

[ 3 ] Blood fluidity improving action

Blood flows through capillary blood vessels inside skin and red blood cells transport oxygen inside cells. To make this happen, blood fluidity has to be good. Carbon dioxide absorbed through skin has the so-called making "smooth blood" effect. However, since carbon dioxide absorption through packing agent only happens in the packed skin area, it is thought that the "smooth blood" effect may not be expected.

[ 4 ] Oxygen dissociation curve right shift effect (the Bohr effect)

It is said that for ordinary people to understand carbon dioxide skin care effects is like entering a foreign world. But please be patient to understand the skin care effects of carbon dioxide.
The favorable environmental conditions for oxygen release are "high temperature", "high carbon dioxide concentration" and "low pH or acidic environment". All these conditions cause oxygen dissociation curve, which indicates oxygen release ability, right shift. That is to say that hemoglobin releases oxygen more easily than usual. Therefore, there is more oxygen going to cells. When there is a lot of oxygen in cells, cell metabolism is activated, Self-regeneration ability of cell becomes higher and therefore rough skin improving, anti-aging and wound healing effects are expected. Carbon dioxide can readily reach to blood vessels through skin absorption; it dissolves in blood easily and hemoglobin releases more oxygen than usual

Carbon dioxide may have other effects, which are not included in this article. In Germany researches indicated that the concentration of carbon dioxide spring to generate effects is over 400 ppm. Artificial carbon dioxide spring research by some well-known bathing agents, which generate carbon dioxide bubbles, indicated that even at 60ppm blood flow increase effect is observed. Obviously the higher the carbon dioxide concentration is, the stronger the effects are.

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