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The Second; Solubility and absorption of carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide easily dissolves in water and is also easily emitted from water. For example, it can be understood sensuously when you open carbonated drinks, such as beer and coke. Carbon dioxide, dissolved in the water, becomes a bubble and comes out when you open the bottle.
There are so many people who have aquariums. Tropical fish and water plants are popular for their relaxing effect on people. The carbon dioxide concentration in a tank is devised to be kept constant to cultivate the water plants but it is not so easy. This is because carbon dioxide, which is used as nutrition for water plants, is emitted easily from water as well.
The permeability of carbon dioxide against a cell membrane, for example, is 25 times greater than oxygen. Carbon dioxide easily dissolves in water, and also easily dissolves into oil. It is thought to be the reason that carbon dioxide is easily absorbed from the skin, which has a structure like a mixture of water and oil.

In the case of carbonated water with saturated concentration, the amount of the maximum absorption from the skin is said 30ml/m2surface area of a body/min.
If the surface area of a face is 400cm2and face is in contact with the carbonated water, 1.2ml/min, about 0.002g of carbon dioxide will be absorbed.

The weight of a mole of carbon dioxide=44g
The volume of mole of carbon dioxide=22,400ml

For example, if the face was patted with a lot of saturated carbonated water lotions for 10 seconds, the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed from the skin of a face is set to about 0.0003g=0.3mg. The absorbed amount will drop to 1/6 compared with the maximum absorption. We do not have any data about carbonated lotions, so we do not know what kind of cosmetic effect is acquired. Probably it is thought that carbon dioxide concentration in tissue does not go up so much.
However if the face is washed with carbonated water (presumed carbon dioxide concentration is about 1,000 ppm) prepared with an artificial carbonated water maker, the skin is said become whiter and the texture will become finer.  It seems that the effect of carbon dioxide, which is absorbed in the skin tissue, makes the inside of the skin clear. The carbon dioxide is not only effective, but also safe. It can be said that carbon dioxide is an ideal ingredient for cosmetics. However, partial slimming effect of our eCO2GEL cannot be acquired by washing face with carbonated water. It is thought that the differences of absorption time or the absorbed amount of carbon dioxide causes this effect. It is not possible to compare carbonated water and eCO2GEL directly, but the absorbed amount of carbon dioxide by 15 minutes packing of eCO2GEL will be 90 times more than 10 seconds patting with saturated carbonated water lotion.

15×60 second÷10 second=90(times)

It is technically difficult to measure an exact amount of carbon dioxide absorbed from skin. So there haven't any such data about our eCO2GEL yet. But after applying the gel, in the preliminary experiment using the simple artificial skin model, it has turned out that carbon dioxide is rapidly released from the gel for 15 minutes and is a little slower from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. This is based on result from the experiment.
The result indicates that packing time should be at least for 15 minutes, and better for 30 minutes.

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