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Description of business

Description of business

1.CO2 percutaneous absorption therapy equipment

We are now developing " Carbon Dioxide transdermal absorption equipment" as an item to use carbon dioxide more easily for treatment, and collaborating with Medical Department of Osaka University on the treatment and prevention of such as keloids, raynaud's syndrome and atopic dermatitis.

Usually carbon dioxide usually is hardly absorbed into the skin itself We soluved this issue with the development of our carbon dioxide absorption auxiliary agent. It can be made as application type, spray type, pasting type etc. and used for medical treatment and prevention by carbon dioxide for a lot of parts. Carbon dioxide from a carbon-dioxide gas cylinder goes through the absorption auxiliary agent and is absorbed into the certain parts themselves.

Carbon dioxide increases its pressure of oxygen in the structure bythe vasodilatory effect and the Bohr effect. The logical conclusion is that it helps the regeneration of damaged skin structures like keloids or wounds. carbon dioxide is expected to improve " cill" by an effect of increased blood stream for raynaud's syndrome or usual feeling of cold. In the actual examination, normal skin under the absorption auxiliary agent becomes red in a few minutes due to the vasodilation by the transdermal absorption of carbon dioxide and the increase of blood stream is checked. It is also known it has antiinflammatory effects and other effects on atopic dermatitis such as regeneraton. We hope we will provide it in 3 years.

2.Skin barrier system recovery agent

We are developing drugs for external use using thermodynamic DDS to recover barrier system for damaged by skin structure from atopic dermatitis. We hope we will provide it in 3 years.

3.Wound covering material

Sterilization, Disinfection+Gauze are the main traumatotherapy methods nowadays but they possibly cure more slowly. Instead of those, we have been developing treatiment materials which allow anybody to do "wet healing/moist healing" easily. We hope we will provide it in 5 years.