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Resume of CEO

Resume of CEO


NeoChemir Inc., CEO, Tanaka,Masaya

March, 1974
Graduated from Nara Unebi High School, Japan
March, 1978
B.S.: College of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan; Major in Petrochemistry
March, 1980
M.S.: College of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan; Major in Process Engineering
April, 1980
Joined Kanebo Inc. (Institute of Pharmacology, Research and Planning Department)
In charge of Dermatology related new drug R&D
October, 1989
Visiting scholar to Department of Pharmacology, Cancer Research Institute, Manchester University, U.K.;
Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, USA;
Department of Dermatology, University of Virginia, USA for the R&D of anti-keloid drug.
August, 1997
Resigned from Kanebo Inc.
April, 2000
Graduate Student of Kobe Pharmaceutical University
May, 2001
CEO, NeoChemir Ltd
March, 2002
CEO, NeoChemir Inc.

【 Main patent applications 】

Main patent applications in Kanebo
・ Anti-keloid drugs
・ Inhalants for colds
・ Wound covering materials
May, 1982-
Anti-keloid drug development from human placenta together with Dr. Ozaki et al (Head surgeon of Tanaka Hospital in Hyogo Prefecture)
September, 1983-
Synthetic anti-keloid drugs development together with Dr. Ohya et al (Head surgeon of Japan Second Red Cross Hospital in Kyoto)
April 1992-
Wound covering material development with Professor Okumura (Department of Pharmacology, Kobe University)